The 10 Best Dress Shoes Every Man Needs to Know



Everyone wants to look appealing in their professional life. The dressing is one of the major factors of your successful and unsuccessful professional life. Because your look has the great impact on your boss, customers, or on colleagues. If you are a business man, then it is more necessary that your dressing should be perfect.  Shoes are one of the major factors in your dressing, so men always like o wear professional dress shoes. Dress shoes make your personality attractive and high. Here is a list of best dress shoes. Hope you will find this article very interesting.These are very comfortable dress shoes for your everyday use.

10.Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss is the 10th most durable and comfortable best dress shoes in this list. It is perfect for the daily commute like for work or school. It is black themed dress shoe which made up with high-quality leather. The other best thing is that it is waterproof and has lined on the inner side of shoes which protect the feet from injuries and irritation. It is very comfortable to wear and has rubberized non-marking out-sole which grips the foot safely.


9.Calvin Klein Brice

Calvin Klein is very famous fashion brands over the years. It is manufactured shirts, beauty accessories and also dresses shoes which impact on men’s personality. The best dress shoes of Calvin Klein winning the hearts of people from all over the world. It is made with best quality leather by using modern techniques. It is one of fashionable, durable and comfortable best dress shoes which is easier to wear. The square toe of this shoe fits narrow and wide feet well and tightly padded which supports the foot to boost comfort. With this pair of the dress shoe, you enjoy your all day work routine and feel charming.


8.Nunn Bush Nelson

Nunn Bush Nelson is stylish and classic wingtip Oxford design which fits many leg shapes and sizes.if comfortability is a primary concern then it is soft and flexes for optimal comfort. It is best for some other reasons like plus leather is used to manufacture it. It is water resistant and durable which keeps your feet dry. Nunn Bush Nelson has the 1-inch heel and a comfortable gel footbed. Other features are soft medallion toe, wingtip and snug fitting lace up system.


7.Dockers Franchise

Dockers Franchise is well-built dress shoe, and you will never regret buying. You enjoy your all day work when you wear these dress shoe. High-quality leather is using in these shoes, and the synthetic sole is designed to withstand everyday abuse. It is durable, breathable dress shoe. You get a gel heel cushion which optimises support and shock absorption, as well as cushioned collar, improve comfort further.

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6.Calvin Klein Brodie Oxford

Calvin Klein Brodie Oxford dress shoe is listed here which has the beautiful black theme, a premium leather construction, and flexible synthetic sole. The benefit of the synthetic sole is that it minimises fatigue during long distances. The heel of Calvin Klein dress shoe is sturdy and plain toe Oxford design reduces the irritation. Just spend few dollars on a new pair of Calvin Klein dress shoe and enjoy all day comfort.


5.Bostonian Alito Oxford

Bostonian Alito Oxford dress shoe is made with 100 % pure leather. It looks so stylish, and material has a striking executive look. The sole is made with leather which is flexible The Low cut is not only eased wearing and removable but also has the well-finished edge which does not irritate your skin. The comfortable square toe with wingtip lines improves its overall value. The heel of this dress shoe is excellent for everyday commute.


4.Cole Haan Lenox Hill Cap

Cole Haan Lenox Hill Cap is very comfortable, durable black theme business dress shoes for men. It is made with well-tanned leather and very stylish and affordable. It is included in top 10 best dress shoes list. Cole Haan comes with the synthetic sole and anti-slip outsole which make your day perfect.The tonally stitched silhouette improves its overall value. This classic lace-up dress shoe makes your personality more attractive.


3.Bruno Homme Moda

Here is Italian made dress shoe with modern Oxford body and perfect wing tip lace system.This dress shoe design is stable, comfortable, orient the foot well and lacks irritants. The wooden heel of Bruno Homme Moda is durable and dampens shock. It manages well in all environments. It is affordable and has excellent stability as well as holds well in rainy weather.


2.Dockers Proposal Run Off

The Proposal runs off is another very sophisticated and durable slip-on dress shoes for men. It is made with high-grade leather with an aesthetic black themed construction. The material of this dress shoe is best, low maintenance and an elasticized goring for its optimal comfort. This is best dress shoes has squared toe design which is comfortable and makes it excellent shoe for commuting. You feel fresh when you wear this shoe in your workplace. It is light weight with the 0.5-inch platform and consists of advanced comfort technology composed of a flexible insole. The rubber traction outsole grips surface excellently.


1.Bostonian Ipswich

Bostonian Ipswich is number one classic lace-up best dress shoes. It is very durable and stylish which made with leather body and non marking rubber sole. It has apron toe which fits many foot shapes and sizes. The sharp look of Bostonian Ipswich is well designed for all types of dresses. It also has convenient four eyelet Oxford for a custom and comfortable fit.




We conclude that Shoes have the great impact on your personality or daily routine. So here in this article, a list is given of best dress shoes. Hope you will enjoy this article and make your personality more groomed by buying these best dress shoes. These are very comfortable which also suits your hectic routine.


List of top 10 Best Dress Shoes for Men

Sr.No Name of Dress Shoes
1 Bostonian Ipswich
2 Dockers Proposal Run Off
3 Bruno Homme Moda
4 Cole Haan Lenox Hill Cap
5 Bostonian Alito Oxford
6 Calvin Klein Brodie oxford
7 Dockers Franchise
8 Nunn Bush Nelson
9 Calvin Klein Brice
10 Alpine Swiss


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